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Physiotherapy Rates
Initial Assessment: $80.00 Subsequent visits: $60.00. Custom-made Knee Brace:    $1700.00 Custom-made Orthotics:  ... Full Story
Monday, July 6
K-Taping also known as Neuro-Proprioceptive Taping gives the patient double-action pain relief. Firstly, it interrupts the pain signal to the ... Full Story
Tuesday, January 31


Sport and Spine Physiotherapy

Sport and spine physiotherapy.Having played in many sports himself, Bob Hitchon has had to cope with a variety of injuries. He knows the importance of proper stretching, strengthening, warm-up and cool-down activities! 

He also knows the value of specific techniques that can return you to your sport quickly and safely.

Looking for local sport and spine physiotherapy services? Contact our team today!