Our Facility

Hitchon’s Physiotherapy clinic is a 3000 square foot facility with a 1200 square foot gym dedicated to an active stretching, strengthening and conditioning program. The rehabilitation equipment includes the following: Universal gym (rehabilitation specific) where 3 people can work out at the same time, treadmill,  elliptical, stationary bikes (recumbent and standard up right), stepper, torso twist, back extension/abdominal exerciser, total hip, leg press, pulleys, quadriceps/hamstring machine, weights, ab roller, exercise mats, stairs, wobble boards and theraband.

Strengthening and conditioning exercises are a critical part of the rehabilitation process in musculoskeletal injuries involving severe injuries. eg. Motor vehicle accidents, WSIB, sports and orthopedic injuries. A specific individual program and proper technique will be developed to help maximize your recovery in a safe and effective manner.

Treatment areas: We have a warm and friendly atmosphere in our treatment area. We have 10 beds to choose from (one high/low treatment table is available for those who can’t step up on our other tables). We respect your privacy and are able to curtain off these areas for physiotherapy treatments. We also have 2-3 private rooms as well; one is available with a high/low bed.

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